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An Effective Social Media Strategy Starts Here

Facebook: the king of social media strategy

An effective social media strategy often includes Facebook. Hardly any online business today foregoes a Facebook page. Why? According to Statista, more than 1 in 5 people used Facebook globally already in 2017, and in developed countries this skyrockets to between 2-3 out of 4 people using Facebook. With such a high penetration rate, it’s easy to see how marketing there can reach the maximum amount of people. No matter whether your are investing in paid Facebook advertising, or would simply like to promote your website via organic (unpaid) Facebook campaigns, using Facebook’s comprehensive marketing tools is essential in today’s world or online business.

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Facebook has maintained its status as a majorly successful marketing platform because users are offered a place to network with each other for work and hobbies, find events, purchase products, and look up information. This makes Facebook the perfect platform to combine with content marketing and blogging as a part of a SEO campaign.

Facebook’s Added Value to Business

  • Provides educational or informational content to inspire initial interest in product or service
  • Networking and groups around product/service
  • Great in connection with blogging
  • Effective targeting possibilities based on interests and behavior


Following shortly behind Facebook in popularity is Instagram. Instagram has maintained itself as the leader for helping to sell lifestyle-based products and services using photography. Through the use of hashtags, it’s possible to link your products to certain trends to gain even more popularity than what your profile page may have to offer. This makes Instagram the ideal platform to keep previous customers loyal and to refer others.

Instagram’s Added Value to Business

  • Provides photo-based content to inspire product/service purchased based on brand awareness
  • Enhances customer loyalty through continual engagement
  • Effective targeting possibilities based on interests and behavior


LinkedIn has become much more than a platform for business networking and job applications. For businesses in the B2B sector, as well as technology, education and services, LinkedIn provides a highly useful platform to connect you with other businesses and business consumers through its news feed and hashtag functions. Combining these two aspects from Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn can maintain heavy success rates for those who do both paid and organic advertising.

LinkedIn’s Added Value to Business

  • Used for networking and B2B business
  • Good for promoting company info and values
  • Acts as continually updated company portfolio
  • Great for educational and informational blogging

Paid Vs. Organic SMM

Whether investing in paid advertising via social media makes sense depends heavily on your type of business. Maintaining a constant organic social media presence is essential for all online businesses currently. However, maintaining a good ROI for paid advertising depends on the types of products you’d like to sell, how often and when. We can help guide you through this decision making process about what makes the most sense for your business.

Pricing for social media marketing

Prices for social media strategies depend on the type of platforms used and whether or not paid advertising will be used. For simple campaigns, prices start at €200.

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