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Native English Speaker Multi-Language Text Translations

Firstly, text translations can be a great way to improve your online marketing visibility. If you want to market to customers in multiple demographics, having your website translated can be a great way to do so. In order to reach your target customer better, having their language available on the website is a big plus. It can be a major factor when it comes to conversion and also enhance company reputation. If you have a website, online content, or any type of text written, we can translate it to whatever language necessary at the native speaker level. Furthermore, we have experience translating entire websites in various industries, published books, academic texts, medical articles, CVs, cover letters and much more.

Pricing for Text Translations

Prices for translations begin at 0,09 cents per word, depending on the topic. If your text is of a more difficult subject, such as academic articles or scientific publications, the price could be increased so that quality of the translation can be guaranteed.

Native English Speaker Proofreading & Editing

Overall, Integrated Digital Innovations also offers proofreading and editing at a native English speaker level. Do you have a bachelor, master or Ph.D. thesis that needs proofreading? Or would you like your English website proofreading? We can handle any topic and style of text. This includes full-length books, CVs, cover letters, academic texts, medical texts, homework and more.

Pricing for Proofreading and Editing

Prices for proofreading and editing begin at 0,06 per word, depending on the topic of the respective text. Topics that are more complicated such as scientific articles and medical texts may result in an increase in fees. This is due to the quality assurance needed from the proofreading.

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