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We provide guidance with B2B & B2C cross-border marketing, including finding partnerships such as distributors & wholesalers.


Tour operators, travel agencies, and those in the travel business will find a perfect partner with us regarding marketing to foreign demographics.


For a private practice, medical equipment or other medical services, we offer specialized expertise for online marketing for the entire medical industry.

Regardless of the industry, service or product in question, IDI provides holistic guidance to improve your business.

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Adriana did freelance writing for me. Her job was excellent, she met the deadline, and the quality of the text was high.

Lazy Travel Blog

Karolina Klesta

We were interested in learning about SEO and how it works, as we are working on native advertising and found this to be a highly useful topic. Adriana took the time to explain things to us in detail about how SEO works, which was helpful for the work we are doing at Grüner + Jahr. If you’d like to know more about SEO and other types of online marketing, Adriana is an expert resource that can be useful for all types of businesses.

Grüner + Jahr Gmbh

Merle Yung & Bettina von Gierke
Native Advertising Department
Media House, Germany

  • Training with new online marketing methods for marketing department
  • Helping with understanding business value of SEO

My company, Terracotta Travel, crafts luxury, tailor-made adventures to Europe and Latin America. Adriana Stein has provided us with SEO strategy training and we are expecting to work together once we’ve launched our brand new website and start to look at ways to optimize the content. Adriana has a great value add: she’s a great travel writer, meaning she can include key words into long pieces without breaking the creative flow of a specific article. She’s very punctual with our phone meetings, really articulate and she’s 100% trustworthy. I felt a connection right away and am looking forward to working together as our company grows.

Terracotta Travel

Anna Mascaro, Founder
Travel Agency, Spain

  • SEO guidance and strategy planning
  • Website structure suggestions for online marketing
  • Online marketing structure & budget for start up
  • Data privacy consulting (GDPR)
  • Guidance with cross-border marketing within Europe

It was very inspiring and insightful to learn from Adriana about how to transcribe SEO inside the text content of a website, followed by some unique percentages that she has derived over her hands on experience with SEO and strategies revolving around SEO and SEM.

Pentax Medical

Asad Khan, Global Digital Marketing Coordinator
Medical Industry, Germany

  • SEO training
  • Helping with understanding business value of SEO

Ms. Stein was involved in creating English SEO texts for a client’s website. The cooperation was always characterized by speed, rapid communication and punctual delivery of the required work. I particularly liked the friendly and solution-oriented exchange with her.

HEWO Internetmarketing

Alice Brückner, Online Marketing & SEO
Medical Industry Clients, Germany

  • Guidance with online marketing from Germany to English speakers across Europe for medical travel
  • SEO English content creation
  • SEO keyword research
  • German to English translations & English proofreading
  • Support with client communication

Adriana has helped expertly guide the process of the website development including: German and English SEO content creation, URL and backlink creation, data privacy & IT consulting, translations, web development in HTML, as well as social media campaigns and the tour creation process.
Throughout the entire scope of the project, she has been extremely supportive in bringing this project from an idea to a fully developed website and functioning start up. She is a reliable, self-sufficient and motivated worker who has brought a lot of value to our company.

Indian Tours

Siddarth Kakkar, Co-Founder
Travel Agency, India/Germany

  • Company founding guidance
  • SEO German and English content creation
  • Website structure development via WordPress
  • Online marketing campaign and budget for start up
  • Support with tour creation process & pricing
  • Guidance with marketing from India to Europe and USA
  • Creation of social media campaigns
  • Data privacy consulting (GDPR)

Adriana has been great to work with.  She answers all my questions about the different aspects of marketing my business.  She has good suggestions and has done a great job revamping my website.  She is very knowledgeable and very easy to work with.

Accent on Travel

Cindy Peck, Founder
Travel Agency, Costa Rica/USA

  • Guidance with online marketing from USA to Europe and Costa Rica to USA
  • SEO English content creation
  • Website structure development via WordPress
  • Online marketing campaign and budget for advanced business
  • Support with tour creation process & pricing
  • Creation of social media campaigns
  • B2B marketing via LinkedIn
  • Online marketing employee training
  • Data privacy consulting (GDPR)

For a long time I understood SEO only half way at best. That changed abruptly with Adriana Stein’s consultation. After she had accurately identified the SEO weaknesses of our company’s website, she gave clear advice on how to improve the SEO suitability of our online texts. She has also provided me with a brief guide that I can now apply easily to our company’s website and blog. As it turns out, the first search successes have already begun 🙂 Many thanks again!

mmpro GmbH

Zarah Ziadi, Editor
Corporate Film Production, Germany

  • Training with new online marketing methods for editing department
  • Helping with understanding business value of SEO
  • Suggestions for website structure improvement for SEO and other online marketing

Adriana helped with the creation of all the content on our website with a heavy focus on SEO. She helped with the English keyword research and then created the SEO content using these keywords. She is an absolute expert in SEO and was wonderful to work with. We will continue to work with her for as long as our website needs new content and we recommend her to anyone needing help with content creation and SEO.

Perfume Trading

Alexander Frank, Founder
B2B Wholesale Distributor, Germany

  • Guidance with online marketing from Germany to global English speaking markets
  • SEO English content creation for the purpose of B2B marketing

Adriana translated our entire website from German to English, as well as included SEO keywords. She completed all of the keyword research and also managed the implementation. The project was done quickly and at a high level of quality. Adriana was extremely easy to work with and was very responsible and reliable. We absolutely recommend her for any SEO and translation projects.

MT Container GmbH

Rustam Miramov, Managing Director
B2B Wholesale Distributor, Germany

  • German to English website translation for SEO
  • SEO keyword research from scratch
  • SEO English content creation for the purpose of B2B marketing

At Hosieria, Adriana worked closely with the German online marketing manager to develop a strategy for the English-speaking markets for our website. This included the translation of many product descriptions from German to English. She also wrote category descriptions in English as well as original content for product descriptions focusing on SEO. She completed all keyword research and reviewed key SEO tools like Google Analytics and Sistrix. She also led the English email marketing campaigns. Adriana was very easy to work and always met her deadlines. She is a highly organized person and has created a good value for our company. We would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their website for SEO and other online marketing methods.


Ernst Mende, Founder
B2C & B2B Distributor, Germany

  • Guidance with online marketing from Germany to USA & UK
  • SEO English content creation & translations for over 2000 products and over 50 categories
  • Managed email marketing campaigns
  • Worked with German marketing manager to align strategies
  • Regular updates to founder with progress

Adriana helped us with our website structure and translating all content from German to English. She also assisted in the translation of important company documents. She was always extremely easy to reach and met all her deadlines. We highly recommend working with her to anyone who needs help with translations, online marketing and website development.

IGEC Indo-German Education Consultants

Meyske Dobrusin, Founder
Expatriate-related Consulting Services, Germany

  • German to English translation of entire web content
  • Suggestions for SEO marketing strategy
  • Act as affiliate partner for IGEC

I would like to thank Ms. Stein very much. She helped me to translate operating instructions and engineering risk assessments. She has done her job quickly, conscientiously and carefully and I can recommend her as a translator.

Ingenieurbüro für Arbeitssicherheit Rey

Robert Rey, Security Engineer
Security Engineering Industry, Germany

  • German to English translation of web content and engineering risk assessments
  • Suggestions for SEO marketing strategy
  • Acts as affiliate partner for Engineering Office for Work Safety

I would like to express my thanks for the wonderful translation work that you provided. I publish books and have been searching for a reliable translator for my books. I looked throughout the Internet and searched heavily until I was able to make contact with Adriana. Her communication seemed highly trustworthy from the beginning so I decided to proceed with the book translation project. In just a short time, my book was perfectly translated and my publisher was extremely satisfied. I would recommend her in all circumstances for translations. Thanks Adriana for the cooperation!

Published Author

Mathias Stumpf

  • German to English translation of 2 published books.

After I had published my book in German, I was looking for a good translator into English (AE) who was ideally familiar with the very special subject matter. And with Adriana Stein I finally found the ideal solution. When I first contacted Adriana by e-mail, I already had the impression that she was a person of absolute integrity, who would enjoy the translation of my book because, as already mentioned, the content of the book aroused her interest. After a relatively short time my book was perfectly translated. What I really appreciated about her work was that she always answered my questions and suggestions immediately. I always had the feeling that she wanted to make the translation as perfect as possible and that she didn’t see her work as just a source of financial income.
So if you are looking for a good and fast translation that is financially reasonable, Adriana is the place for you!

Published Author

Andreas Trinsch

  • German to English translation of published book.

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