International Marketing Strategy

How can an international marketing strategy help to enter new markets?

An effective international marketing strategy involves the experienced know-how of crossborder marketing. Today’s borders are increasingly becoming more and more crisscrossed. This means that customer demographics are also becoming increasingly complex. Market segments are no longer limited to a specific country, but can now include detailed information about individual interests. This means that market segments can now be created for multiple countries, languages and more. The benefit to this is that products and services can be sold in new foreign markets, one of the best possibilities for developing international brand awareness. With the customer metrics tracking tools that modern online marketing technology provides, access to new foreign markets is unlimited and easier than ever before.

How Can Online Marketing Help with Selling to New Markets?

Online marketing has opened up many possibilities that would’ve been much more difficult in the past. Whereas beforehand, it may have taken lengthy visits to a new market to conduct just limited research, all of this can now be done digitally and in much greater depths than before. It’s not only possible to understand multiple markets with online marketing tools, it’s also simple to market to them with paid ads for example on Facebook or Google to exactly the demographic that a business is searching for.

An International Marketing Strategy by IDI Includes the Following Support:

  • For E-Commerce, guidance with understanding of foreign import & export law, including customs
  • Guidance with understanding of foreign tax issues
  • Help with GDPR compliance (within Europe)
  • Defining target demographic within new market via digital tools
  • Support with pricing for online sales in new market
  • Creation of online marketing strategy based upon new market data

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