A Business Development Consultant for HR & Legal Issues

Why use a business development consultant?

As a business development consultant, IDI uses a holistic approach when it comes to consulting. Although we specialize in online marketing services, we also provide help with complete business development. This includes HR issues for employment and networking with a focus on Europe. Furthermore, we also offer tax and legal guidance if you have an e-commerce business that would like to import or export products. Lastly, we also provide help when it comes to founding a company within Germany. As a result of our location in Germany, we are highly familiar with the business development scene, related tax issues, and company foundation here. Overall, for further questions about how we can help, please contact us to receive more information about how our services can help you.

HR Issues Covered by IDI

  • Labor/employment contract preparation and review for all European countries
  • Labor law process and procedural reviews for employees and employers in European region (overtime, working hours, home office, company car, daily allowance regulations, etc.)
  • HR policy preparation in European region
  • Assistance to management of employment relationship issues in European region
  • Assistance to management for compensation and benefit process in European region
  • Personnel HR consultancy in European region
  • Selection and recruitment process in European region
  • Candidate research in European region
  • Working council, trade union and collective bargaining agreement mediation, arbitration and negotiation
  • Career development and planning
  • Resume creation and review
  • Expatriate management (COL, QOL, and benefits)

A Business Development Consultant that Helps with Legal & Tax Issues

  • Guidance with understanding of foreign import & export law, including customs
  • Guidance with understanding of foreign tax issues
  • Help with GDPR compliance
  • Support with the founding of a new company within Germany

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No matter whether you have a question about how online marketing can help your business or you’d like to get started with the first campaign, we are here to help.

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