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Creates custom online marketing strategies that integrate methods based on each business.



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Always using the most up to date technologies to stay competitive and maintain modernity.

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Complete Strategy

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Guidance with Foreign Markets

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Translations & Editing

Complete Strategy

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Guidance with foreign markets

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Online Marketing as the Backbone of Sales

Founded in Hamburg, Germany Integrated Digital Innovations (IDI) is a digital marketing consultancy that specializes in the most up to date online marketing methods in order to create comprehensive and individual online marketing campaigns. IDI is based on the idea that online marketing can and is recommended to be used for sales for any type of business, even those with physical locations.

Expertise on Marketing Budget Formulation

Online marketing has become a highly complex and technical field and will continue to develop as such. IDI was founded with the intention of helping all types of businesses navigate the world of digital marketing. Therefore, in order to receive the best results, it’s important for businesses to understand these technical aspects in order to make decisions about how to formulate their budgets and marketing campaign structures.

Bringing Clarity to the Complex World of Online Marketing

IDI helps to bring clarity to the field of online marketing, so that business owners can feel more confident about their financial decisions and investments on digital marketing. We can help with any type of business, whether it be a start up, long-standing business, or even just a business concept. No matter the case, our goal is to provide the most efficient strategy that fits within financial means, help business owners to make financial decisions about marketing, and provide consulting based upon each individual business entity.

Customized Strategies for Every Individual Business

In the same way that every business has a USP (unique selling point), so too should the marketing campaign that sells those products and services. IDI provides each business with a strategy that best fits individual businesses. This helps to maximize the efficiency of the marketing campaign and caters to specific budgets.

We would love to help you get started with the exciting world of digital marketing today! We eagerly await your inquiries and questions so check out our contact page here.

About the Founder: Adriana Stein

Adriana Stein

Adriana Stein was born and raised in Joseph, Oregon, USA. Later on, she moved to Portland, OR where she attained her two Bachelor’s of Arts in English with a minor in Writing and Anthropology. Focused on using the concept of “Applied Anthropology”, meaning anthropological skills used in real world settings, she set about to use her intercultural skills to work in the world of international business. Shortly thereafter, she completed post bachelor courses focusing on Business Administration. After completing her studies in spring 2016, she decided to test her international business skills by moving to Germany.

Upon her arrival in Germany, she began working as a freelance professional content writer and translator, SEO specialist, and social media consultant. Next to this, she also learned German and received the C1 Telc Hochschule German certificate. Her years of various projects with many different business types and industries allowed her the ability to create the marketing consultancy Integrated Digital Innovations (IDI) with the goal of helping business owners navigate and understand digital marketing.

See her entire CV on LinkedIn.

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