Online Marketing Strategy Development

SEO, blogging, content marketing, social media strategies, paid and organic digital advertising and much more.

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A digital marketing consultant that creates custom strategies based on each business.



The use of completely digital methods to implement marketing campaigns.



Always using the most up to date technologies to stay competitive and maintain modernity.

Integrated Digital Innovations was founded on the principal that online marketing can be a complex and highly technical world. As a digital marketing consultant, we help business owners sift through the chaos in order to find the most efficient online marketing strategies exactly for their individual business.

Digital Marketing Consultant Services Provided by Integrated Digital Innovations



Content marketing, blogging and website updates.



Paid advertising campaigns on Google search and display networks.



Paid and organic social media campaigns for each channel.

Complete Strategy

Complete Strategy

Custom strategies that incorporate multiple marketing methods.

Guidance with foreign markets

Guidance with Foreign Markets

Help with transitions to new markets to understand target demographic.

translations & editing

Translations & Editing

German to English translations and English editing & proofreading by a native speaker.

Complete Strategy

WordPress Website Development

Creating a website using WordPress as the content management system.

Guidance with foreign markets

HR & Legal Issues

Personnel issues as well as important & export law, including data privacy.

translations & editing

In House Employee Training

Teaching online marketing methods to keep employees up to date.

What Do We Specialize In?

Import & Export

We provide guidance with B2B & B2C cross-border marketing, including finding partnerships such as distributors & wholesalers.


Tour operators, travel agencies, and those in the travel business will find a perfect partner with us regarding marketing to foreign demographics.


For a private practice, medical equipment or other medical services, we offer specialized expertise for online marketing for the entire medical industry.

Traditional Marketing vs. Online Marketing

Traditional Marketing
Online Marketing
  • Requires on-site information
    to determine target market ($$)
  • Limits access to international markets
    due to travel times, budget constraints
    and language barriers
  • Higher efforts to implement
    campaigns with multiple languages
  • Commission sales doesn’t provide
    long-term brand awareness
  • Companies are dependent on sales agents or representatives
  • Digitals tools make determining target market simple
  • International markets are much easier
    to access
  • Can easily implement multi-language
    and multi-nationality campaigns
  • Find better niche in current market due to consumer awareness
  • Customer metrics tracking in real time
  • Increase rate and possibility of access to potential customers
  • What Types of Companies Can We Help?

    Start ups
    Start ups

    •That are new to online marketing and need help getting started with understanding online marketing methods.

    •That need guidance with creating with marketing budgets.

    •That require employee training in online marketing or budgeting.

    mid size companies
    mid size companies

    •That are growing and need help on their current marketing strategy.

    •Businesses with solely physical locations who would like to start online marketing.

    •That are interested in expanding to new markets and require assistance.

    larger companies
    larger companies

    •That would like to rebrand or create a subsidiary.

    •That would like to introduce new products/services to a new market.

    •That have an established marketing department, but require specialized knowledge or employee training.

    What Makes IDI Unique?

    A digital marketing consultant that creates customized online marketing strategies

    • Every business is unique, so it’s online marketing strategy should also represent this uniqueness
    • Using specific methods appropriate to each business increases marketing effectiveness
    • Provides more flexibility for various budgets

    Guidance with cross-border marketing

    • We provide multi-language online marketing to foreign and local markets to target new or current demographics in a more effective manner
    • Guidance with legal issues surrounding that foreign market such as taxes
    • Help with pricing in foreign markets and other market research

    Online strategies based on the premise of SEO

    • Search algorithms function in a similar way as SEO (keyword relevance)
    • Using similar keywords for all methods increases chances of overall success
    • Enhances brand awareness and visibility for customers when similar search terms are used across multiple platforms

    Holistic Consulting: More Than Just Online Marketing

    • Help with entering new foreign markets and subsequent legal issues such as taxes and customs
    • Guidance with total business plan in relation to budget and pricing
    • Development of start ups, re-branding or subsidiary creation
    • In house online marketing employee training for all industries
    • Recruitment of personnel & other HR-related issues

    How Does It Work?

    Analyze Potential

    Audit of current online marketing activities or proposal draft with online marketing foundation

    Creation of Individual Marketing Strategy

    Formulate customized marketing strategy depending on products/services, type of company and target market

    Align with Company Goals

    Adjust to fit within aims of the company such as timeline and budget


    Execute agreed upon online marketing strategy.

    Review & Optimization

    Depending on timeline, monitor the success and update to maximize for the best results.

    What Is Online Marketing and How Does It Work?

    Read through an overview of online marketing methods and IDI’s strategy.

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    No matter whether you have a question about how online marketing can help your business or you’d like to get started with the first campaign, we are here to help.

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